Problems when using Rangemaster with Apple devices

We have identified an issue caused by a recent updates to Apple devices (iPhone, iPad, Mac) which has been causing problems with the web interfaces on a lot of routers, printers etc. including the Rangemaster. If you use an Apple device and have had a problem with the scan of nearby networks (step 7 in the instruction book) coming back completely blank then this is why.

Rather than wait for Apple to fix this we have made an update to the software for the RangeMaster router which will work around this problem and you can install the update as described below.

The process is fairly straightforward and it should only take a few minutes but if you cannot perform this update for any reason please send your router along with a note of your name and return address to the address at the bottom of the page and we will do it for you.  Please note that you only need to send the router itself.

Update process

To perform the update you will need a PC or a Mac with a wired ethernet connection.

Do not attempt to perform this update using a WiFi connection.

Download the update file here:  RangeMaster-v1.2.2.4.img

You need to save this file to your computer, if it tries to open it in an application when you click on it then cancel and right click the link instead and select “save link as” or “save as”.

Connect the RangeMaster router to a PC or Mac using the network cable provided and connect the power.  You do not need to connect the outside antenna.

Enter in the address bar of your web browser and you should see the RangeMaster web interface.

Click on Advanced on the top menu and then Management

Under the “Firmware Upgrade” section Click the “Choose file” button and select the RangeMaster-v1.2.2.4.img file that you downloaded and click OK.

Now click the blue “Upload” button.

Wait while the firmware is updated, this will take a few minutes.

Depending on your computer setup you may be returned to the RangeMaster interface automatically or you may see a blank page. If you get a blank page just enter in the address bar again.

Click on Advanced on the top menu and then Management and check that under Firmware Upgrade it says “Software Version: v1.2.2.4”

Once you have reconnected your antenna your Apple devices should now be working once again.



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